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owner of dogcon auto hit my car,did 1200 damage,he refuses to fix or give his insurance info,hangs up on me when i call,or lies to me when he does answer,just want him to fix my car that he ran happened on 2/24/2012 at 815 am.the car that hit mine was a used car off his used car lot that he was driving it,i should not have to claim on my insurance when he is a buisness owner that must carry insurance,he has lied to me,my wife,my insurance adjuster,he is a real *** artist if you ask me

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Kevin Owen is the one who has posted all these negative reviews about this business i am not involved in the business but he came up to me saying my car hit his and took my VIN never bought a car from dogcon I guess He thought The owner of dogcon hit him. He is a short guy with a complex and is a well known *** around here and all about the Drama. Dogcon auto is A speed shop and they do sell alot of Cars never heard a bad word other then thes Jokers but you can post anything on the internet


This is funny all the bad complaints from people that did not buy cars from Dogcon Auto Guess He pissed you guys off I bought 3 cars there and 4 from Leon by far the best deal on cars never seen him in sweat pants tho he is kind of a fat *** tho but they build the baddest nissans and Hondas I've ever seen but that's his other business Dogcon Industries and I doubt he cares about his collection or what ever that dudes paid you seen there speed shop wow I would recommend buying a car there tho they do have killer prices and even better financing


Yea can't say I'd buy a car from a fat dude who wears jogging paints everyday!


This is a shady group of people who run a sad business. They don't pay their bills either. I have told everyone about them, but most people I talk to wouldn't buy from them anyways based on their past.


have fun with collections on your *** Leon,all the lies will catch up with you..


wow thanks for sticking up for me i dont know who they are or what happend but thanks for putting a good word out we do try hard to maintain customer relations


This never happened, this guy is a nut. Kevin came to the business office and sales lot and threatened to beat up a volunteer family friend when they were unable to provide money on demand. Never mind, this car crash never happened, and the complainer has never done business with Dogcon Auto.


so am I understanding you are using this web site for a personal attack did you even buy parts there


I Love Dogcon its the only place I will ever buy A car where else i bought a 01 acura TL for 3000 I only put $300 down the car is great I dont see what the owners car has to do with the store I think your comments in the wrong page since it does not sound like your a customer of the business your pissed off about


This is by far the best car lot I have ever been to every car on the lot is good and half the price of any where else they also build custom Hondas very good business I have severel friends that bought cars there and they fix them for free even weeks after the purchase sorry about your car I don't know the owner personally but I hear he is a great guy must be more to it

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